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JBoss VPS Hosting


How to install JBoss 4.2.3, v5.0.0, v5.1 or v6 on VPS

Your VPS account comes with custom-made RPM package for quick installation of JBOSS. You'll just need to log into VPS server via SSH, and on shell prompt type yum -y install eroute-jboss5 or for 4.2.3 yum -y install eroute-jboss4 and JBoss is installed and ready to use.
Then simply start it by typing service jboss start and you'll then be able to access JBoss server via


JBoss on VPS Hosting plan


Modifying JBoss Configuration

JBoss server is installed by default in: /var/jboss/ directory, and there you can find all necessary JBoss configuration files. After all modifications make sure you restart JBoss by typing in shell: service jboss restart


Deploying on JBoss

To deploy EAR or WAR files, you need to upload your files in: /var/jboss/server/default/deploy/ folder, and then restart JBoss server by typing in shell: service jboss restart


JBoss Error Logs

To check if your application reported any errors during deployment just check jboss log file located in: /var/jboss/server/default/log/ folder.


Removing JBoss from VPS

If you decide to remove JBoss from your VPS server just type: rpm -e eroute-jboss
That will automatically remove ALL JBoss files & folders and stop Java process.



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