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What's wrong with Java hosting solutions out there?

Are you as frustrated as most java programmers out there by the lack of J2EE hosting solutions that have the ALL 3 ilitys: reliability, flexibility and affordability?

Most shared hosting solutions lack flexibility serious Java admins not only desire but require. And almost all fail miserably in the tech support field (you get a techy straight out of call centre training program asking you "did you mean Gold Fish sir?"). Dedicated servers on the other hand are great, flexible and reliable but very expensive. AND, they still don't include tech support so if you get stuck you're on your own.

Then there are VPS servers. Oh thank god for Virtual Private Servers. They come with Root access and freedom to configure your own sustem, but with most vpss being unmanaged, you're left to your own means when problems arise. So what's a java programmer to do?

Oh and don't even get me started on burstable RAM ...
90% of all Virtualization technologies use burstable RAM concept. You buy server with enough 'burstable' RAM required by your apps thinking they'll then be stable. But, burstable RAM is actually shared memory. It gives you false sense of security while giving hosts a licence to oversell the server. One day there's just enough RAM to go around and all is lovely dovley. The next day they oversell the server and all the shared memory get sucked up by your high-usage neighbour while your apps just hang. Because there is sharing of resources, when they get sucked up, the entire machine crashes. And you think to yourself, gosh, "I though I was buying a Virtual PRIVATE server!"

Who constantly wants to be burdened thinking 'will today be the day my application stops working again'. I'd rather pay and know for sure that what I paid for is mine and only mine! Wouldn't you?


How cool would it be if there was a solution out there that gave you all the freedom and control of running a dedicated server but without the price tag. Server with full root access and free tech support

How cool would it be to have a server where you can configure your own system and install any version of any application you like. Where you could, with a single command install system-ready software like JBoss, GlassFish, MySQL, Apache and many more. The latest versions of software. Where you could then modify their configuration to your heart's content without having to ask anyone's permission. Where you had all the RAM you needed to run your apps but the RAM you paid for is yours and yours only. Noone can get their hands on it. Noone can even borrow it. Where your host can not physically oversell because the resources are seperated just like VPS is actually supposed to be. Where your application would keep running despite another users crashing Apache, MySQL or JVM with their bugged applications.

Starter VPS Plan Developer VPS Plan Advanced VPS Plan


10GB Disc :: 150GB Bandwidth

20GB Disc :: 250GB Bandwidth

50GB Disc :: 500GB Bandwidth


root access
No limit to the number of domains or applications you can to run
install any version of any software
custom-configure any application
your own memory (not shared, not burstable)

no limit to number of domains or apps you can run


With our 30 day money back guarantee you'll still have 30days to evaluate it and change your mind. We're only interested in win-win relationships so if you decide this is not right for you, we'll issue you a full refund without any gimmicks, road-blocks or complications.

Then, if you ever got stuck you'd have a fellow Java developer with extensive system admin experience to call on for help. The technician whom you wouldn't have to explain what a Servlet is. With 6years in J2EE hosting environment we've pretty much seen it all. No need to spend hours searching the web for the solution because you already have a specialized team behind you.

And best of, all we won't even ask you to pay us for the tech support! Even though it's your server with root access, completely your responsibility, we're still happy to assist and offer our expertise to help you get unstuck free of charge. But there is a catch..

....Here's a catch

To qualify for the free support you will need to have previous linux admin experience. Why? We've had a few usrs that didn't even know what linux was, trying to setup apps on VPS server. They ended up using our free tech support as a linux learning centre. VPS is not hard to manage but it is a blanco server so it requires some linux skills to run it.

VPS is not the suitable solution for everyone and we don't want to offer it to those who won't get the full benefit out of it. If you're not yet ready to administer your own server check out our Private JVM key-in-the-hand solution.

If you think you are ready to manage your own server then order it now



VNC/ Virtual Network Computing (remote desktop KDE & Gnome)

VNC will allow you to use Linux as you do Windows, everything is point and click. Installing and configuring software, removing software is all done by clicking instead of using the command line.

Remote Desktop

Lets you connect to and control any desktop remotely. For example, You can use VNC to view and connect to your Windows computer at home from your Linux computer at work or vice versa. This comes FREE with your VPS account for a limited time ONLY.


Sign up now and get your VPS server all set and ready to use in 4hours max.