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Advanced VPS

Monthly Price USD
$19.95 per month
$36.95 per month
$56.95 per month
Pay for a full year and save 20% off prices displayed above
VPS management Semi-managed
w. root access
w. root access
w. root access
Operating System Centos/Debian
RAM 768MB 1 GB 2 GB
   Double RAM
Limited time offer!
1GB 1.7GB 3GB
extra RAM /mo
$3/mo per 32MB
$4/mo per 64MB $5/mo per 128MB
max upgrade to 1.5GB total RAM 2.5GB total RAM 5GB total RAM
Hard Drive Space 10GB 20GB 50GB
Bandwidth 150GB 250GB 500GB
Dedicated IP Address 1 free 1 free 1 free



How much RAM will I need?

Depends on what you plan to install on your VPS. If you require mail server + MySQL + JBOSS then you'll need at least 1GB plan. If you're only running JBOSS you could go for 768MB.

Main thing to remember is that you can add additional RAM or upgrade your plan at any time without disruption to your app or your hosting account. So if you're unsure start with basic plan and upgrade later when you've tested your app.


Technical Support

Free support 24x7. You have full root access and complete control over how to the server will be setup, what applications and versions it'll run. You're responsible for configuring and managing it.

We will be happy to help but do keep in mind that we can not do everything for you.

You will have access to Eroute's custom-built RPM packages to help you get setup quickly and easily. We've done the hard work for you so you just need to type 1 line of code to install application such as MySQL5, Tomcat or JBOSS. Most of the popular software packages have RPMs

Where else have you seen a VPS server with full root access that comes with free tech support?


System Ready Packages for Quick One-Line Installation of Software


We've developed Custom RPM packages to make installation of popular software quick and easy. With them you can install available applications by loging in to SSH and typing literaly one command to unpack and install application.


Below is the list of available RPM packages:

  • MySQL 5
  • PostgreSQL 8
  • PHP5
  • Tomcat 4, 5, 6
  • JBoss 4, 5
  • GlassFish
  • Geronimo



    List of available software

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Tomcat 4.1.40
    • Tomcat 5.5.28
    • Tomcat 6.0.20
    • JBoss 4.2.3 & 5.0.0 & 5.1.0
    • Geronimo 2.1
    • GlassFish 2ur1
    • PHP 5.2.6/5.2.11
    • MySQL 5.0.x
    • PostgreSQL 8.3.x
    • Apache 2.2.x
    • CVS Repository
    • Subversion (SVN)
    • SSH


    Each VPS Hosting plan comes with:


    • Choice of: Linux Centos/Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora
    • Root access via SSH
    • Dedicated IP address
    • Fine tuned & secure system
      more about our VPS system...


    Our VPS plans are 'out of the box system ready' for following Java applications: