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Apache Geronimo VPS Hosting


How to install Geronimo on VPS


To install Apache Geronimo on VPS hosting plan, you will need to log into the server via SSH and on command line type: yum -y install eroute-geronimo


This command will download & install our custom, pre-configured RPM package of Geronimo.

Nothing else needs to be done, you can start using Geronimo straight away :)


Apache Geronimo easy installation on VPS


After installation, you need to start Geronimo by typing: services geronimo start

Now open your browser and go to: and there you will find Apache-Geronimo welcome message + instructions how to use geronimo`s admin interface + admin username & password.


Geronimo installation notes

The default installation directory with configuration files for Geronimo is: /var/geronimo/


Remove Geronimo from VPS server

To remove Apache Geronimo from your account, please type: yum -y remove eroute-geronimo