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Tomcat Hosting

There are 2 options for Tomcat hosting. #1 is hosting your Tomcat on a shared server and #2 is hosting it on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). In both cases you'll get a Private JVM with your choice of Tomcat4, Tomcat 5 or Tomcat6 and jdk 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6

Shared Server
Great key-in-the-hand solution.

VPS Server
Great for total control and flexibility  

We handle all server configuration, admin, security and updating of software
Apache, MySQL5, Tomcat 4,5,6. eMail, PostgreSQL8, Control Panel, ready to use
Private Tomcat isolated from other users
modify server.xml file, start/stop tomcat.

root access and complete control over your own virtual server.
install any version of application and configure it your way
setup your server how you like, control panel, mail server



Not sure which solution is right for you?

Private JVM on shared server is great if you just don't wish to muck around with server administration (or if you're not very confident with it).

Server comes fully configured, including kernals, security, mail server, all all software like MySQL5, PHP5, PostgreSQL installed. So you don't have to worry about server admin at all. All you'll focus on is setting up your Java application.

Even though there is other accounts on the same server, your Tomcat engine is fully private and independent from other users. You have full control and flexibility to start/stop Tomcat and to modify server.xml file.

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VPS is a great solution if you have the skills and want the flexibility of configuring your own server. You have root access and complete control over your server setup, security, configurations and applications you choose to install.

You also have full control over your Java engine. You can install any version of any engine that you wish.

This is the optimal solution for Java as long as you're confident managing your own server. If you don't want to pay hundreds per month for a dedicated server but still want the flexibility and control a dedicated server entails.

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