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Choosing The Right Hosting Plan

This is a general guideline to follow to help you choose the best plan for you.

Plan 1 - Standard $5.99 per month

If you have a simple 20-100 page website and you haven't got a database on it (if you had a database you'd know it) then the best plan to choose is Regular $5.99 per month/mth

This will provide you with absolutely everything you need to successfully run your website online.
1000 MB disk space (enough for 1000+ pages), 50GB monthly data transfer (enough to handle 100,000 monthly visits to your website)
150 Email accounts, FrontPage Extensions, Website statistics, web based email service, website control panel, unlimited ftp access (to upload site changes as many times as you need to), domain hosting, cgi-bin(for online feedback/contact forms), and plenty of other usefully features such as email virus protection & spam filter.



Plan2 - Database $9.99 per month
If your website is using php and has a database developed then you'll need the Database Plan (Plan 2 - $9.99 per month). This plan supports PHP 5, MySQL and PosgreSQL databases. On this plan you can run CMS (Joomla, Elgg, Xoops, Drupal, Mambo, Geeklog), Blog (b2Evolution, WordPress, bBlog), Forum (phpBB, phpNuke, vBulletin, Invasion Board), Photo Image (Gallery 2, Coppermine, 4Images) applications. Zend optimizer, Gd Library & ImageMagick is also available.


Plans Shared JVM / Private JVM - JSP JAVA $16.99 per month / $26.99 per month
For professional web developers with special needs java applications. The difference between those two hosting plans is $16.99 per month is shared JVM hosting plan and $26.99 per month is private JVM hosting plan. Shared Java Hosting plan is designed for small applications, you cannot restart tomcat yourself and that plan runs on Tomcat 4 web server with JDK 1.4.
Private JVM Hosting account is designed for medium/big applications, where you can restart tomcat server and that plan supports Tomcat 4, Tomcat 5, Tomcat 6 web servers! Also on this plan you can choose JDK version / current JDK options: latest v1.4, v1.5 and V1.6 also called Java 6.



VPS Hosting Plans - JBoss - Geronimo - GlassFish - Tomcat from $19.95 per month

VPS Hosting or virtual private server hosting is ideal for medium or large websites with large number of visitors. If you cannot afford a dedicated server but require the same performance and stability, then VPS hosting is the best solution for you.

Every VPS account comes with root access and its based on Linux Fedora 10.

On VPS plan you can install JBoss, any Tomcat server, Apache Geronimo and Glassfish or any other software you want, the only important thing is to make sure you have enough RAM. Since VPS is like your own server, we have then different support policy, please read VPS SUPPORT page.





Which hosting plan would be best for an Ecommerce website?
All 4 plans support ecommerce. Which plan you choose depends on whether it needs special database or java capabilities and the amount of disc space and bandwidth you require.

What about sites that use interactive multimedia: shockwave, flash, quicktime, mp3s?
All these again are supported on all 3 plans. Which plan you choose depends on the disc space and bandwidth requirements. If your site has quite a bit of videos or mp3s it might be wise to look into plan2 because these files are a bit larger to download and take up a lot more bandwidth than standard jpgs/gifs On the other hand you can always start with plan1 and if along the way you see that you need more space/bandwidth, then upgrade to plan2 (free of charge).
P.S. All the plans are easily upgradable at no additional cost so even if you're not completely sure which plan to choose, you still can't go wrong.
To upgrade or downgrade the plan simply email us with the plan you want to change to and the we'll do this for you. (you won't need to upload files again, the special features of the plan you're upgrading to will just be added to your existing account)